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IBD is a boutique full-service interior design firm, we are an organized of diverse, with highly qualified and talented individuals working with investors, developers, architects and other professionals for multi-use spaces. We focus on creating memorable interior and sophisticated environments that enhances lifestyles. Our industry expertise is crested with a passionate commitment to create the vision and requirements of our clients and their properties. This venture is a collaborative process since we look at each client as being unique.

Each design arises first from our client's objectives and branding goals of each project location and its intended target market. Every design is the force behind the interiors that is the aesthetic and a practical point that communicates with the Client's brand image. Our goal is to create a synergy between interiors and architecture that inspires and excites for each project. The creative process begins with invention and an exploration into all the possibilities that your space can project from the color, texture, lighting, furnishings, and to the final touches. Throughout the project we collaborate communicate with the Client's, architects, investors, consults, contractors transforming their visions into working concepts with the necessary detailed documents.

We also believe that each project created its own story, from the initial idea that is created to the final touches, we start by really listening to our Clients' needs and desires. We listen and learn what our Client's requirements for each space so that we able to communicate how we can creatively assist them to arrive at their desired concept and how we can achieve it.

IBD does everything possible to ensure the process is a totally smooth experience for everyone involved. It is also important that IBD is involved from the beginning stages to coordinate the necessary details with the project team until the last items are in place.